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Hey there! I'm Emily

I’m a passionate photographer based in the charming town of Brookline, MA, right outside of Boston. Raised in Newport Beach, CA, with a camera practically glued to my hand since my 8th birthday, I’ve always been captivated by the magic of capturing life’s moments. Growing up in a family that owned a successful portrait studio, I learned not just the technicalities of photography but the art of making people feel at ease and creating lasting heirlooms.

Through photography, I’ve learned about myself and others, finding beauty in celebrations, heartbreak, and everything in between.



Anne H. Brislin

Phoenix, AZ

I feel so lucky that you are coming back into town and taking our boys' pictures. I can't tell you enough -- you are the best in the business!

Jenn Mac

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Shots were absolutely incredible & completely captured my kids at this golden age (6 and 4 yrs old). The photos came as a gift in a beautiful, canvas-bound book. As a mother I will cherish these forever. THANK YOU

Leona Larson

Pheonix, Arizona

Today Emily took us to the Boojum tree Garden. What an amazing location with beautiful scenery!! We had a blast and I cannot wait to see the pictures. I think we found our location to get married!!